There are a couple of books (one about wolves; one about bears) that I read decades ago that I'd like to reread. I don't know the authors, I don't know the titles, but I could describe them in enough detail so that anyone who had read them would recognize them.

Obviously, I will do some serious Googling first, but if that fails, would a question here be on topic or not?

(These are not biology books; they are definitely TGO-type books.)

This is not a duplicate of Is asking for recommendations of books ok? because, to quote @Chenmunka

[that question] asks about recommending any book on a subject, this question is about finding a specific lost book.


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Questions like this are regularly posted to the Scifi SE,

Which to me says that this type and format of question is considered a good fit for a stackexchange site.

As long as we limit the books identified to being about the outdoors I don't see a problem with these types of questions.

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    I agree in general that these questions might be a good fit but I disagree that Identify this questions are generally well regarded. Jeff Attwood wrote a blog post warning people away from these types of questions. Like you pointed out in SciFi.SE these questions have been well received. On Movies.SE they are a point of controversy. In SO and Programmers.SE they are banned. Like I said I'm open to the questions, and personally find value in the questions so I'd be supportive of them here.
    – Erik
    Commented Sep 5, 2017 at 17:26

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