I think these questions are OK. Like most questions on SE, if the OP did sufficient research, he could answer them himself. If everybody did good research, goodbye SE!

#17 was closed for the wrong reason. There was no element of price in the question. The OP just said he wanted a reproduction because an original was too valuable. That is not asking for price information. #17 should have remained open.

#18 today would be validly closed for lack of research, but in 2013 this reason might not have been valid.

I think there is a certain amount of MSMD in closing.

  • The # character at the beginning of a line makes it a section heading (## is a subsection heading). Adding white space at the beginning of the line seems to fix it. – StrongBad Jun 15 '18 at 15:37

I hate these types of shopping questions. The answer is nominally yes or no, but how do you prove that something does not exist. If X does exist, things rapidly devolve into a long list of answers. Sometimes, these types of questions are looking for a sufficiently specific piece of gear that it is not readily available and there might only be a couple of small producers that make limited quantities that are not easy to find.

More often, I think they are really X-Y problems: I want to do Y but cannot find the right gear. In these cases, I think the questions probably can generally benefit from a rephrasing. I think a good example of this is how What do you hang on 1/4" bolts while rock climbing? avoided being a shopping question of this type.

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