In the meta post on the new themes it says,

But, what this means is that if one site has an element, other sites can pretty easily add it.

For example, the Photography site's Photo of the Week box could be added to Graphic Design to show off the users' designs if that site wanted to host such a weekly contest.

The top of the Photography site, showing the Photo of the Week element.

People seem to be enjoying the photography contest, would the photo of the week be something we would like to request here?

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    Do we know if this feature is available to beta sites, or only graduated sites? – James Jenkins Dec 14 '18 at 14:47
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    @JamesJenkins I don't know, I am pretty sure all the sites have the same base theme so it should be possible from a technical perspective – Charlie Brumbaugh Dec 14 '18 at 15:41
  • Have you made the request yet? – James Jenkins Feb 8 at 18:50
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    @JamesJenkins The main meta post says "One other thing, when you start these discussions on your child meta sites, be sure to use the design tag so that we can find and track them easily." so I added the tag. Not sure of where we are supposed to go put in a request – Charlie Brumbaugh Feb 8 at 18:55

Yes, provided that we have a couple of months of success with the monthly photo contest

Top photo from last month is next month's featured image.


I don't think we should do this. A great thing about our "contest" is that it isn't really a contest or competition. It's just a fun way to share our pictures, and it was originally designed to do that in meta.

I like that we can post what we want without it being judged. There are no winners or losers.

In reality, the photo with the most votes isn't the "best" picture, and the photo with the fewest number of votes isn't the "worst" picture. The pictures voted in between aren't any more or less interesting than the rest.

If we turn this into something that has a prize, especially a featured spot on the main site for a month, it would change the focus (no pun intended!). I wouldn't post or vote, because I wouldn't want to have any responsibility for the outcome. Having spoken to a few others, I'm not alone.

The contests are already featured on the main page, with a link to the current month's activity, and I think that's a great way to increase viewing and participating.

Other than that, I think we should leave this how it started, with everyone just having a good time seeing where people have been, or what they've done.

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