Photo Competion: MONTH - Theme

Rules that are always applicable are as follows:

 1. One photo per answer, and no more than 5 answers per user per contest.
 2. Post only photos taken by yourself/person with you.
 3. All entries should include a line of text with the location, subject, and date.
 4. Refrain from posting sensitive/debatable content

Rules for MONTH are as follows:

 1. **THEME**
 2. No entries/photos should be posted before midnight, 1st of MONTH 2019, voting will be applicable till midnight 31st of MONTH and to be clear, we use UTC, just like the site itself.
 3. There is no constraint on when the photo must have been taken.

Good luck!

I thought I would write up a template for the photo contests to make it easy to create the new one each month.

All one needs to do is copy the above text into your favorite text editor, replace the MONTH with the current month and THEME with the theme of the contest before posting.

Also, if someone would like to suggest a change to the rules, this post would be a better place to discuss them.


The idea behind the two sets of rules (as used in the travel stack exchange photo competition which was the inspiration for this) is that the second set can be changed, so one month no people but the other month people can be the focus of the picture. If you want the 'no people' rule to always be there, I would move it to the top set, the fixed rules.

Having the template is great, as it allows for more people to post the competition for the next month.
I would however appreciate it when the competition is announced before the previous month is through. Which is the reason the start of posting moment is mentioned.

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