Since getting onto the HNQ now generates a database entry, it's possible to see how that affects scores and views and so I thought I would put together some statistics on how it works.

I am going back to comparing the questions asked since 2019-02-28 since that is the earliest data entry.

select sum(viewcount) from posts
left join posthistory on PostHistoryTypeId = 52 and posts.id = postid
where posts.creationdate > '2019-02-28' and PostTypeId =1

The questions in each category are listed below.

Link to Hot Questions

Link to Non Hot Questions

Number of Questions

  • Total 51
  • Hot 11 - 22%
  • Not Hot 40 - 78%

Total Score of questions

  • Total 373
  • Hot 202 - 54%
  • Not Hot 171 - 46%

Average Score of question

  • Total 7
  • Hot 18
  • Not Hot 4

Number of views per question

  • Total 43077
  • Hot 37832 - 88%
  • Not Hot 5245 - 12%

Average number of views per question

  • Total 844
  • Hot 3439
  • Not Hot 131

Average number of answers per question

  • Total 1
  • Hot 4
  • Not Hot 1

Total number of answers per question

  • Total 90
  • Hot 44 - 49%
  • Not Hot 46 - 51%

Bravo! TNS is to analyze what makes a question hot. My guess is it is the sexiness of the title. It would be interesting to take a non-hot question and edit the title to see if that makes it hot. Or, if the rules don't allow edited questions to be eligible for hotness, write a new Q very similar to the old Q, but jazz up the title.

I have no idea how to transform the title of How to Clean Trail Running Shoes to make it hot, but Camping Alone in the Wilderness in the USA could become How to Evade Prosecution until the Statute of Limitations has Expired for Collusion with the Russians by Camping off the Grid in a Remote Wilderness. :)

  • 2
    The hotness formula is explained in Meta SE, and the biggest factors are total upvotes and time. (Un)fortunately, clickbait titles usually work well for fishing upvotes... until someone edits to clarify the real title :/
    – Andrew T.
    Apr 8 '19 at 5:43
  • 1
    Wow, I hope you won't go into the business of click-baiting - you'd be a force :)
    – imsodin
    Apr 17 '19 at 12:59

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