Does our non-beta status change how our Community Promotion Ads work?

A new post at DBA.se got me wondering if we should do something simular.

Looks like we did something in 2018 Suggest community promotion ads 2018


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  1. Those aren't enabled for this site, and they get very few clicks anyways.
  2. The png is here if people want to change their avatars which shows the image in plenty of places. Changing usernames also brings light to the issue in plenty of places too.
  3. There is at least one effort to move and recreate the system elsewhere, that's at least worth thinking about.

I don't know who has to approve of Community Promotion Ads (CPA). But in the current phase of The Mess, where everything that can be said has been said several times over, and considering that Monica has retained legal counsel, we need to keep the issue visible and keep the pressure on without being counterproductive. If a discreet -- but not too discreet -- CPA is one such tactic, I am all for it.

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