This question: How does one steer a two-person kayak?

Had this comment: (This question could also be asked on the sports.stackexchange.com site)


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It doesn't really matter whether it's on-topic on sports, questions can (and often are) on-topic on more than one site. All that really matters is whether it's on-topic here, and kayaking, along with a number of other watersports, has been fairly clearly determined to be on-topic.


I agree with Kevin. However if anytime anyone wants to make a distinction it could be made on the grade of intensity something is being done. Neither sports nor great outdoors currently has a meaningful faq to distinguish such questions as the one asked about.

Although I originally made the comment, that this could be moved or copied to sports, it's probably a better fit here because it would apply to beginners, not to experienced paddlers, and such is more likely to be found here.

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