While keeping the tag [boat] for genereal purpose we could consider to add tags as:

[motor-boat] [rowing-boat] [sail-boat].

edit (answer by: Kevin):

As the site is young and so not many questions are tagged [boats], I suspect it will grow in time. There is a significant different in handling, maintenance, rules and interests.

For the canou there is already a tag.

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I agree they are different enough that they should have different tags, but I think they should be and .


I agree that there should be some distinction, but note that there is a lot of difference between sailing on a river in a 6ft sailboat and sailing on the ocean in a 50ft er.

In addition, there is much in common with the different boat types, so there is no reason not to have "boats" (sorry, I don't know how to make buttons).

In reality, what do we suppose might go in a "sailboats" category? If it's matters to do with "sailing" then maybe "sailing" is the better tag.

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