Browsing The Great Outdoors is dull, dull, dull. The site is devoid of any colour and is reminiscent of monochrome bulletin boards from before I was even born — which is more than a quarter of a century ago. As long as we're in beta the layout is doomed to remain dull, but let's at least spice up questions and answers with some pictures!

View from Rundtinden, Vågan, Lofoten, Norway, 13 October 2012 View from Rundtinden, Vågan, Lofoten, Norway, 13 October 2012

Now the photograph above doesn't add anything to the post. Of course, in general photos should add something to the topic. But let's add pictures whenever appropriate so that browsing the site becomes a more enjoyable experience!

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Pictures, for pictures sake: No!

Pictures, where they add value to the answer: Yes, absolutely!

A picture, as they say, tells a thousand words. But an inappropriate picture is just as inappropriate as those thousand words.


I agree about adding pictures when appropriate, and there are multiple questions and answers on here (including some of mine) that would do well to have some. However, we should just as much, if not more so guard against needless images or diagrams, since they break up a post and provide a more fragmented experience without adding anything.

  • I agree; sometimes it is better to provide a link to the picture.
    – ppl
    Aug 31, 2013 at 2:38

Photos are very good when they illustrate a point of the question, and they provide some additional information to it. The same applies to answer.

I see the great value in the panorama-photos of beautiful landscapes, which should attract visitors to the site. They are great applicable to the questions about trails, camping, mountains etc.

However, there are some questions when I can hardly find any possible photo to illustrate them:

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