I like this question about retired climbing rope, but obviously there can be no correct answer. I therefore suggest we turn it into a community wiki. What do other people think?


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"Community Wiki" was not really designed for this.

The problem with most list-style questions is that it becomes really hard to begrudge anyone their addition, and every suggestion of a random favorite tool/application/tip/trick/etc is no better than any other — so any semblance of "expert answers" is lost.

But I don't really see a problem with this question. No, it's not the ideal "best answer rises to the top" query, but it seems well under control for the time being.

Community Wiki was not designed to solicit crowd-sourced lists of stuff, but the bigger problem with Community Wiki is it's often used to allow questions that otherwise would not be allowed on the site. That's why we largely deprecated the feature — Future of Community Wiki.

My suggestion is… moderate the site for content however you see fit — fix the question, if it needs it. But please, let's not (mis)use the Community Wiki feature to somehow "fix" questions that you otherwise would not allow.

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