I know on SO it's generally frowned upon and link only answers are commonly flagged and deleted.

What's the policy on this site? The same?

If the user summarises the link than that's a different matter. I'm talking about literally:

You'll find the answer here http://linkonlyanswer.com


Links are not really good answers in the context of a Stack Exchange site. Your choices are to improve the post yourself, or to down-vote with a thoughtful and instructive comment to the author explaining why this is not a good answer — perhaps pointing them here to this thread.

Why? The Outdoors Stack Exchange is not a search engine or a collection of links. It's okay to add links for further reading, but this site was created to build a definitive collection of answers to outdoors questions.

The folks here will work hard to curate this collection of knowledge, so when someone comes looking for answers through search, the last thing we should be doing is sending them *elsewhere* to find that information. Showing them the door might seem helpful in a single instance, but ultimately link-only answers do little more than add another barrier between future readers and the actual information they are looking for.

That's not making the Internet better.


I would typically downvote and comment on such answers if I see them. All reasons why those kind of answers are discouraged on most stackexchange sites, are valid here too in my opinion.

I expect at least a summary which contains an answer to the question, so that users are not forced to navigate away from this site.

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