Just curious, there have been a couple questions pertaining to identification of species, how do these questions differ from these. Just trying to keep things consistent on what is on topic/off topic.

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    Would the mountain Identification question have been on topic if the original question had a further point such as, Has it been climbed? or is it a climbable peak?
    – AM_Hawk
    Aug 27, 2014 at 20:50

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I was wondering when this question was coming up.

The biggest issue: All plant identification is covered in the identification tag on Gardening & Landscaping beta (by far the biggest tag there), and there is some overlap there and with the species-identification tag on Biology beta, which covers the identification of any living organism, even microscopic.

With two sites where these questions are already on-topic, including this in the scope of another site doesn't seem constructive, and may lead to some confusion as to where you should ask your question.

About mountain identification, this has the potential for creating lots of unanswered question, if allowed in scope, because many mountains could be very difficult to identify. I think you did right to close the questions. Before the Help Center > Asking is updated with more specific guidelines, you (the community) will decide what's on- off-topic, by vtc, and/or posting on meta. once you have enough feedback on what could be on-the-line or controversial topics, you can include/exclude them in the help center.

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