I see that most of the questions have a very low number of views. Hardly any above 200. Are we going down? How are we doing? Can you guys help me out here.

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Stats currently suggest we had a bit of a slump through the winter, but are back on the increase now, and we are doing a lot better than this time last year in most ways.

Our average page views have doubled twice in the last 2 years as well.

We are still small, definitely, and it would be nice if we could grow faster, but we are doing okay.


Not all questions have low views, this question:

What is this tool on a Swiss Army knife for?

Received nearly 9000 views in 8 days!


Subjectively I feel the last couple of days/weeks we are attracting so many new people to the page and a lot of questions with many answers (also from lots of new people involved). I like it a lot. Also a bunch of traffic for the new fishing topic.

Therefore I got curious and checked the Q/day ratio yesterday. It increased over the last months but it is still low at approx 3. But in my opinion the key are people. Attracting a diverse crowd is great for the page!

(Unfortunately I myself am not so active at the moment, sorry but I am missing time^^)

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