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Are questions specific to sailing on topic? [duplicate]

I encountered this question just now: What's the hardest wearing multibraid rope type? and I wonder about a comment that was made on that question: yes sailors or boaters have attempted many ...
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Does outdoors include Sailing, Climbing, Kayaking and other pursuits?

Just wanted to check, as so far the majority of questions seem to be around walking/hiking. I hope wider pursuits are also welcome, and have questions in these areas, but wanted to check the community ...
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Would railbiking be on topic?

Would questions about railbiking be considered on topic on the main site? Railbikes are normal bikes that are temporarily modified to be use on abandoned railway lines, many of which go great ...
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Are "car camping" questions on topic here?

For example, this question about ice in a cooler. I am afraid that if we open the site to questions like that, soon we will have questions about RV's and campers and portable gazebos and whatnot.
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Is urban exploration on-topic?

Recently, two questions on urban exploration / urban geocaching were asked: How to deal with aggressive homeless when exploring urbex? Urbex question: How to protect myself from asbestos? Are such ...
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Does Indoor Climbing belong on TGO?

The title pretty much says it all. I've always just thought of indoor climbing as a subset of climbing, which is an outdoor sport (and I know nothing about either one). But is it legitimate here?
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Should Birding be on topic on TGO

Birding, Bird watching, whatever we call it, should the hobby of birding be on topic to TGO? Edit: I removed link to the originating question, because I realize the quality (or lack thereof) of that ...
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Are hunting questions on topic for the Great Outdoors?

Are questions related to the sport of hunting (and fishing) on topic for The Great Outdoors Stack Exchange? If you visit the Area51 proposal, you'll see that Fishing and Hunting has been merged into ...
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Should questions about legality be allowed?

This was brought up in the comments on this question*. There was another question regarding the legality of camping that did not elicit such a response (though it was brought up in a question about ...
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Is trail running an appropriate topic here?

Are questions about trail running good for this site? It certainly has relevance to the outdoors, but is it appropriate here? If not which SE site is the right fit? I checked out the Physical Fitness ...
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Should we revisit or enforce that pistols are off topic?

We have some few (open) questions about pistols and recently a debate on whether it is on-topic came up in What is the difference between single and double action revolvers?. There are two relevant ...
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Can I ask questions about things related to a zoo?

I'm curious about things having to do with zoos, and am asking for guidance about whether or not this subject is on-topic. I imagine most of the questions would need to be localized to a city, state,...
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Is asking for recommendations of books ok?

To me this would seem on topic (as long as they're books on topics to do with the great outdoors of course.) I have however had questions closed for this reason on SO before, so wanted to check - what ...
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Is river navigation in scope?

I have been looking for references to support a 3000+ mile river journey. There are several references available, but I have not found a single home for them. This journey is in the US and even the ...
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Is hitchhiking on topic?

Is hitchhiking on topic, or should I ask such questions at the travel-site? For me it is somehow outdoor-related, because I often travel this way to my starting points, druing the trip or back home, ...
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