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Does favorite question notification work?

Is the feature of notifying the user about any changes to a favorite question implemented or not? If it is, I've noticed that it doesn't work, since I don't receive any notifications on favorite ...
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Good "Too Localized Example" for FAQ

I think it'd be good to have a couple of solid examples of what is "Too Localized" for our FAQ. Respond below.
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Should the FAQ contain a curated list of books for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen?

I just had to refrain myself from asking for recommendations for 5 books that should be on an outdoors person's bookshelf as references. I'm thinking of books that cover the basics of living and ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

This one is straight from the list. What should our FAQ contain? Obviously the general items about how to ask/answer, be nice, etc. We need to decide what we need that will be unique to our site. ...
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