Congratulations Rory Alsop, WedaPashi, and Willeke! Happy moderating :)


Congratulations to our new moderators: Rory Alsop, WedaPashi, and Willeke. I also wish to thank all who ran in this election as well as all those who participated in it. Bravo to you all!


There is a lot of common sense in our new trio of moderators. And we had a great slate of candidates. Thanks to all who ran.


If you make a ruling (e.g., closure) and a cogent argument is presented against your ruling by one or a very few users, will you tend to reverse your ruling, or will you (a) insist on many users making the argument, and/or (b) think you know best anyway? I specify one or a few, because traditionally not many users jump on a bandwagon. For example, Sue and I ...

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