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Picture taken in December of 2018 in Doi Luang National Park, Thailand. This spider make a mean, multi-level web and I actually overlooked it and got my head stuck in its golden web.


A lovely little flower I spotted yesterday morning on the coast just south of Puerto Duquesa, Spain.


This is an American robin fledgling. I thought it had left the nest too soon, but its dad chased away cowbirds and other prey, and its mom fed it. That's their job during the delicate and vulnerable period after fledging. I took the picture from inside, through a window, so as not to disturb the parents. It was in Central Massachusetts, USA, on June 4, ...


Some sort of unknown berries today, Colorado.


What was left of a small flower, likely after a few months or even a winter. Photo taken in Heemskerk, the Netherlands, 31 August 2013, cropped out of a bigger picture to make it upload size.


Lifelines of lifelines if we can call it so. Macro of a leaf against the sunlight. Date: About January 2019. Place: India.


My first ever click with a macro lens. Its flower, I don't know the name of, usually found in monsoon. Date: About August 2017. Place: India.


This is a picture of burnt soil people use to make bricks. Clicked on macro mode deliberately against the light. Date: About March 2017. Place: India.


Butterfly on a group of small flowers. Shot at the San Diego Safari Park during Butterfly Jungle exhibition in 2017(?).


A hornet ready for take-off. Picture taken on a camp ground at the shores of Lake Ossiach, Austria, in 2010. There was a whole nest in this tree, and while I was not fully comfortable taking that photo, fortunately the hornets didn't seem to care for my presence.

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