I think it is an interesting question but badly asked. Liam explained why. In my opinion, it should simply be rephrased to get rid of the "ethics". Somewhere along the line of "Where/When is it impossible to do a campfire due to environmental issues" or compatible with "leave no trace" principle. This should be applicable to all kind of questions about ...


Hmmm - interesting. I am watching that one to see what happens. I think we have good guidance on the "leave no trace" view, and that is the generally accepted view, so we could probably support a view that 'ethical' answers should follow that view. Which makes the linked question answerable in those terms, possibly.


I think the question about campfires is a good one, and I upvoted it. In general, I don't think it's a good idea to have any kind of policy against ethical questions, for the following reasons: Outdoors.SE is very small and unhealthy. We don't have so many questions that we need to filter out those that don't meet our lofty standards. Although the question ...

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